Justina Hnatowicz

Home Sweet Home


I do love a good challenge, and so during Spring 2018, I set a personal goal to model a whole set on my own. The more complex and cluttered the better - and what's the most cluttered room of the house? Typically, the kitchen; it's the heart of the home. And so with this project, I aimed to create a space that felt lived in, a space that felt alive. I believe the environment is one of the most important characters in any animation, thus it should have a unique and dynamic personality of its own.

A woman named Mariselle Dupree lives here. She’s been an aspiring novelist since she was younger, but hasn’t quite succeeded yet. It’s because she has a hard time finishing what she starts. But she has published a poem in a pretty obsolete local newspaper maybe once or twice (which she’s quite proud of, thank you very much). She’s not very tidy; her mind is pretty much all over the place. She eats two slices of toast, lightly buttered, for breakfast every morning. She also loves to bake. There’s a mouse she calls Hector whom she’s been trying to get rid of for a few months. She’s almost at the point of giving up and just letting him live with her since she’s lonely. 

Her house is an old house. She tries her best to keep it clean. She used to live with her husband before he passed unexpectedly. He liked to garden, so she still takes care of his plants for him. She has no children, but loves her nieces and nephews dearly. In her free time she likes to watch the local news and embroider flowers onto all her clothes.

For the end result, I was imagining a stylized realism render with warm, muted colors. A lot of oranges, pinks, browns, and creams. Early morning sunlight. I am responsible for modeling and arranging all elements of this scene. Modeled in Autodesk Maya, rendered with Arnold.