Justina Hnatowicz

Pirate Ship

Sixteenth Century Spanish galleon (WIP)


I’m a huge pirate history nerd, so when brainstorming ideas for a hero model I didn’t have to think too hard. For this project, I’m using multiple ship references, combining the most interesting elements of each together to produce a unique version. Currently, I’d say the model is about 60% complete. I plan on adding my own personal touches by stylizing the stairs, banisters, railings, and other decorative components. I want the final model to look a little cartoony and chunky, but still maintain that realistic charm. Maybe I’ll add a giant squid and shake things up a bit? I also plan on going all the way with texturing, lighting, and a BOSS ocean.

So far as a result of taking on this project, I feel I’ve become better at being able to identify shortcuts during the modeling process. I’ve learned several techniques to troubleshoot problem scenarios more effectively and some new tricks that have made me a much more efficient 3D artist. I can’t wait to apply these new skills to my next project.

Software: Maya, ZBrush, Arnold
Ship template courtesy of: Artesania Latina
Assembled under the guidance of: Stanislav Poritskiy
For reference photos, see below.


Reference Images (artesanialatina.net)